QuickPic is an online photo gallery app for Android that makes it possible to sync all of your photos to your favorite cloud service of choice. The app is available completely free in the Google Play Store with no ads, but there is a premium service that uses the app developer's proprietary cloud service.

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Features of QuickPic
  • Edit your photos with ease
  • Sync your photos with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OwnCloud and more
  • Supports hundreds of different media types
Pros of QuickPic
  • Organize your photos with powerful sorting tools
  • Easily hide or exclude specific images behind a PIN
  • Back up your pictures to CM Cloud
  • Specify images for your folder covers
  • Bulk edit your images before you upload to the cloud
  • See your images organized by location, date, and more
Cons of QuickPic
  • Cheetah Mobile owns this app
  • App push premium service a lot
QuickPic Reviews

QuickPic grew in popularity on Android as a quick way to manage your photographs and categorize them into specific folders with bulk actions. It was bought by Cheetah Mobile a few years ago, and since then, the app has steered people to pay for cloud storage using their service. This seems like a dubious option however, considering the app is maintained in China by a company that has close ties to the Chinese government. If security is a concern for you, then this proprietary cloud service probably isn't the best choice. QuickPic's cloud storage service isn't a necessary feature of the app, and you can use the app to manage your photos without paying for this service. You can even sort out the private photographs that you don't want prying eyes to see by setting a PIN password that will need to be typed in before that folder can be accessed. If you'd rather not use QuickPic's cloud service, the app supports uploading your photographs to some more popular and more trustworthy services. Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OwnCloud, Box, and Amazon AWS are all supported options if you prefer to manage your photos in the cloud with a traditional service. Overall, QuickPic is a speedy gallery app for Android that is designed to help you get your photos off of your phone and onto other services for backup. It does this job pretty well, but some of the latest reviews in the Google Play Store have been complaining about lag in the most recent update. This reported lag appears to affect people who have thousands of photos in their gallery, so that's something worth considering if you want to back up a ton of pictures to the cloud using this app.

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