CNET is a website that provides you with the latest tech news and tech reviews. The homepage of the website is a huge feed of the latest tech stories that would take you hours to sort through. There are also reviews of the latest technology so you can see what people are saying about all of the latest gadgets. All of the stories and reviews are broken up into categories which you can choose from at the top of the page. You can find reviews based off of the company that makes the technology, and you can use the search bar to look for any tech news you want.

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Features of CNET
  • CNET's homepage is covered in all of the latest stories in the tech world.
  • You could scroll for hours and keep finding new and exciting content to read about.
  • CNET has countless reviews of all of the newest forms of technology advising you what to buy and what different products will do for you.
  • CNET has a How To section that has videos and instructions for people who are trying to figure out how to use various gadgets.
  • The section helps out less technologically inclined people a lot.
Pros of CNET
  • CNET offers you all of the latest news in technology, even going as far as to put how much time had passed since the publishing on each piece on its site. This allows you to always keep up to date with information.
  • CNET is very easy to use an navigate so even people with very limited computer knowledge can get on CNET and find all of the tech information that they are looking for.
  • CNET has a review section that allows you to find reviews of all of the newest items in the tech world.
Cons of CNET
  • CNET only really offers you information regarding technology. If you need to find information about any other subject, you will have to go to another news agency that has broader coverage of more topics.
  • It can be easy to get lost scrolling through the stories on CNET's homepage. There is always a lot of content there to sift through.
  • There are a lot of products that should probably be included on the How To section of the website that do not have any content produced for them. While this could be fixed in the future, it is still a problem.
CNET Reviews

CNET is one of the best places to go for the latest news in technology, as well as the best reviews. Technology nerds everywhere will love the site and will likely be able to spend hours sifting through material. If you are looking to buy a new gadget, you would be wise to get on CNET and use the search bar to see if you can find a good review of it. CNET also has a "How To" section that teaches you how to use products from various major technology brands. This can be especially helpful for people who have the money to buy technology but do not have the knowledge to easily use it. The website itself is easy to use and easy to navigate through, and you are sure to be able to spend hours scrolling through content just on the home page.

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