Algodoo is a 2D simulator freeware product designed as a physics learning tool. It was originally created by Emil Emerfeldt as part of his master’s thesis in 2008. The software was eventually released as Algodoo in 2009 by Algoryx Simulation AB. The 3D version, Algoryx Momentum, was released in 2017, but it is a more advanced environment that isn't necessarily a starting point for new students.

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Features of Algodoo
  • Create simulations using a variety of drawing tools
  • Add various types of fluid and mechanical physics into a simulation
  • Advanced visual simulations using graphs
  • Scene library
  • For Windows and Mac OS X
  • Integrates with Classmate PC and whiteboard systems
Pros of Algodoo
  • Useful and fun for a wide range of ages
  • Entirely free
  • Powerful software engine
  • Manipulate a wide variety of objects to learn about physics, engineering, and science
  • Users can share and download over 70,000 user-generated creations
  • Educators can create physics lessons using the program
Cons of Algodoo
  • Only 2-dimensional and designed as a starting point
  • Freeware status limits updates and support strategy
  • Learning curve for advanced applications
  • D version is designed for advanced students and industrial applications
Algodoo Reviews

Algodoo is a great tool for physics students to create simulations based on their learning. The environment is meant to be playful and enjoyable to the user. It contains drawing tools that create boxes, chains, gears, planes, ropes, circles, and more. Physical elements such as fluids, motors, thrusters, tracers, and others can be added to simulations that integrate with parameters such as friction, gravity, attraction, and restitution. All these features allow users to create and explore different physical worlds while advancing their knowledge in physics and engineering. Users can create, save, share, and upload simulations to Algobox, which is Algodoo’s scene library. Algobox currently stores over 70,000 user-created scenes, all of which can be accessed and downloaded. Algodoo uses interactive multiphysics technologies from Algoryx, including mechanical integrators and advanced numerical methods. Although Algodoo is freeware, its host website offers several online tutorials and support through its forum. However, updates are infrequent and unscheduled. Overall, it offers a fun way for many students to learn about physics applications.

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