Wish is a shopping app that encourages buyers to shop for fashion that is cheaper rather than expensive. Their outlook is to offer the consumer new and trendy fashion tastes at prices they can afford. Their discounts can range anywhere from 60-90% off. Furthermore, you can purchase whatever you'd like, track your purchase, and take advantage of Wish's free return and refund policy if the item is not at the quality you expected when it arrives.

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Features of Wish
  • Perhaps one of Wish's best features is their Wish Express Bus icon.
  • A little orange icon on their products indicates that the consumer will receive their item within 5-7 days.
  • Consumers can save time by shopping on their phones instead of going in-store.
  • Wish offers 60-90% discounts, on top of available rewards and coupons for consumer loyalty, on items that you may find similar prices on anywhere else.
Pros of Wish
  • Wish has a tracking system that allows its users to track their products after they ship out from the manufacturer. Along with knowing where your package is at all times, you may remain confident that it will arrive at the time the system indicates. You may also note whether or not your package arrives when it should, and may contact Wish accordingly.
  • Customer reviews, videos, and photos allow you to virtually view and try out the item you wish to purchase. You can be confident that what you are ordering is what you are getting.
  • Wish's item compare system allows you to view items that may be the same, but are discounted cheaper in price. Consumers can shop with confidence in knowing that they are buying their item at the right price.
Cons of Wish
  • If you're buying something sized, such as shoes or clothing, you won't know whether or not it fits until it gets there. As this is a disadvantage with most online shopping apps, however, Wish offers a free returns and refund system that allows consumers to give them a call, return their product, and see their money back in their bank account.
  • Shipping dates provide Wish with another disadvantage. If products do not have the Wish Express Bus icon in the shipping options, products can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive on the consumer's doorstep.
  • Many countries are not yet eligible for the Wish App. Many potential consumers may miss out on extraordinary discounts due to low product availability for consumers in these ineligible countries.
Wish Reviews

The Wish App currently holds a 4.5-star review on Google Play, a 4.5-star review on iTunes, and a 4.4-star review on Amazon. Wish's only current criticisms are that shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the product and manufacturer, and their shipping prices can be a little high. Other than that, customers express an absolute adoration for Wish, indicating that they love the products. Furthermore, users appear to absolutely appreciate that Wish is very cordial, polite, and fast when it comes to refunds and returns.

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