Turn your mobile device into a flashlight with Torch. The app is easy to use and is sometimes brighter than a standard flashlight. It uses the light that's already on your phone, but the light is enhanced with the app. This is an app that is beneficial if you work outside at night a lot or if you are in dark situations. It's also beneficial if the power goes out or if you need to look into dark spaces, such as underneath the hood of the car.

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Features of Torch
  • Category
  • Startup faster than other apps
  • Various tools for more light options and special effects
  • Design is elegant and modern
Pros of Torch
  • Swipe from one flash to another
  • Strobe light makes the phone fun to use
  • SOS signal option
Cons of Torch
  • Brightness difficult to adjust
  • Ads are frequent when first installing the app
Torch Reviews

This is a flashlight app that is easy for everyone to use. You do have to allow permission for your phone to install the app. From using a bright flashlight to using the app as a strobe light with a simple swipe of the screen, you can have various lights on your phone anytime you want them. The startup with the app is very fast, allowing you to quickly go from a standard light to the flashlight on the phone. The strobe light has a controller that lets you change the frequency. It's a fun feature to have because you can make the flashes slow or fast depending on what you want to see. There is an SOS signal with the flashlight app. If you need help, you can send signals to other people who are nearby who can see your phone. This is a good feature for those who are on the water or those who are on the side of the road in a dark area. There is also a light for the camera that is brighter than the standard light, making pictures a bit brighter. If you want to see more details in your pictures, then you should use the camera light instead of the normal flash.

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