Flic is a wireless Bluetooth-enabled button that acts as a shortcut to many actions on your wireless phone or other connected device. When Flic is pressed, it automatically triggers tasks like texting a friend, taking a picture, ordering food, turning the lights off and on, and many others.

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Features of Flic
  • Flics can be shared with multiple devices.
  • The double-sided adhesive pad is designed to last a very long time and can be washed if it gets dirty.
  • Flic fully integrates with many smart device apps.
  • It comes with a clip so it can be worn on clothing or placed on other clippable surfaces.
  • Flic works up to 150 feet away from its connected device.
  • Flic’s battery is designed to last up to 18 months or 60,000 clicks.
Pros of Flic
  • Flic is very simple to use.
  • It comes with its own app and connects to thousands of smart devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 and beyond.
  • Multiple actions can be assigned to each trigger.
  • Flic integrates with many other apps to automate tasks you wouldn’t think possible, from entertainment to home security.
  • The battery works only when Flic is pressed, extending battery life up to 18 months.
  • There is no limit to the number of Flics that can be a connected to a single device.
Cons of Flic
  • It is only compatible with iPhone models 4 and beyond, 3rd generation iPads and later, Android 4.4 and after with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Each Flic can only be programmed for three shortcuts, and each unit costs $34.99.
  • Flic contains a large amount of components that can limit its durability.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Some customers have stated that the setup process may take several attempts to get Flic connected to a device.
Flic Reviews

Flic is probably one of the easiest to use task automation devices on the market. Simply install the app on your wireless phone or other device, program the actions that Flic will perform, and stick the Flic button on any adhesive-bearing surface and press it to activate an action. Flic comes in a variety of colors, so if you have multiple Flics, it is easy to find the right one for the task you want performed. It integrates with many apps on smart devices, expanding its capabilities to automate tasks around your home, in your car, at work, and more. Flic automates additional tasks such playing music, taking pictures, making calls, navigating a vehicle, calling a taxi, finding a phone, and much more. Flic is still relatively new in the market since its release in 2015. During its initial release, many customers had difficulty with connecting Flic to their devices. However, this issue seems to have been addressed with more recent models.

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