This is a mobile application designed to provide users with life coaching benefits delivered right to a smartphone. There are several levels of coaching available with the program, with the ability to get one on one personal coaching if it is desired.

Features of
  • Community based text messaging system.
  • You can text in a question and receive answers from members of the community.
  • Progress tracking is built into all levels of the app, so you can see how you are doing on any given goal that you have set for yourself.
  • Personalized coaching is available via the one on one feature included as a paid option within the app.
  • All features of the program are designed to be operated and viewed right from your smartphone.
Pros of
  • Personal goals can be split into different categories. These include such areas as personal growth, diet, fitness, and more.
  • The program keeps track of how you are doing on each goal that you have stated you would like to be working on.
  • The free parts of the app provide many of the resources and aids that most users will want. If a more personalized approach is warranted, individuals can easily upgrade.
Cons of
  • The community based system may lead to responses that are less than helpful or contradictory to one another.
  • The free version can be rather limiting if you need specific advice related to some type of lifestyle goal.
  • Can be difficult to find a personal coach who you really identify with.
  • The tracking features can be quite busy and difficult to navigate. Some users have also remarked that too many notifications are sent out on a daily basis, causing some frustration. Reviews

Review is meant to be your personal life coach, available to you day and night right from your own smartphone. There are upgrades available where you can even hire a private coach if you so desire. The other components of this mobile application are designed to be free. The first level of coaching involves self coaching. You will be able to track your progress on your phone, and you will earn rewards along the way. From there, users can move up to the second level, which is community coaching. It is here that you can ask questions of the entire community and receive the answers for free. is based on a community concept where all users are focused on helping one another achieve their life goals. The app will show individuals their progress, help them to celebrate various milestones that they have achieved, and answer most any question that they might have along the way. What most users have grown to appreciate about this coaching concept is that it is largely free of any hidden costs. Video

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