World of Tanks

World of Tanks

This massively multiplayer online game takes a turn away from the traditional first person shooters and roleplaying games to put you behind the wheels of authentic, historical tanks in huge arena style melees.

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Features of World of Tanks
  • Tank-based battles in a persistent online world
  • Create and protect strongholds through a team-based clan system
  • Choose from over 400 tanks
Pros of World of Tanks
  • A free to play game
  • Developer's commitment to authenticity is honest and infectious
  • Surprisingly deep and meaningful strategy
Cons of World of Tanks
  • Paid subscriptions can create level imbalance in game
  • Multilayered experience system is unnecessarily complex
World of Tanks Reviews

World of Tanks is exactly what it says on the tin, and that makes it something of an anomaly in the gaming landscape. In a an environment where basic variations on a flat few genres reign supreme, it isn't afraid to make some changes to these core formulas. But there's a core of systems in place that will be wholly understood by most gamers. World of Tank occupies a weird space between the arcade-heavy games that dominate the massively multiplayer military shooter market today and the studious and meticulously crafted strategic war games of old. The result is something refreshing and unique. The core rules that make up the World of Tanks experience wouldn't raise the eyebrows of anyone who has even a casual interest in first person shooters. The core game play modes are essentially variations on death match or team death match, which could make many think that this is essentially just a first person shooter with tanks. In a way, it is, but that last component changes everything. While the tanks you'll be driving in game have been simplified somewhat to match the arcade sensibilities of the game, they still feel like driving tanks. That means slow turns, imprecise maneuverability, and shots that need to be lined up perfectly. This allows the developer to take a game format that is essentially all about quick action and reflexes and turn it into a ponderous reflection of strategy. Every action has to be planned carefully, and success means taking advantage of a knowledge of the huge maps and of the other tanks on the field. That's because the selection of tanks available to you are truly massive. History geeks will be in love. Wargaming Studios lovingly recreates a huge number of twentieth century tanks and is faithful to their execution. That means that each tank has its own armor weaknesses, movement speeds, and other strengths and weaknesses. Success in the field means developing an understanding of how each tank moves, and that can be something of a daunting proposition. To simplify things, each of the over 400 armored vehicles is split up into one of five classes. While these allow you to settle into more of a distinguished role during battles, there's still a huge amount of variety as to the roles and functionality of different vehicles in the same class. In addition to a slew of traditional tanks from a dozen different countries are more unique and bizarre concept vehicles and unfinished prototypes. Of course, you'll have some opportunity to mess around with different configurations. An experience system allows you to both rise up in the ranks with personal experience and develop down specific growth tracks for each tank's experience line. Further expanding the options are clan wars, which bring a sense of persistent setting and developing friendships and rivalries to the game's structure.

I have been playing this game and am not going to anymore. If your not paying money your getting killed by one shot from someone with $$ who has paid for high impact shells. Game is more about money as it is always piping up to buy more gold. Not a game to get on and have fun

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