League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends is the world's largest multi-player online battle arena game. The game was introduced by Riot Games in 2009 and is available for the Windows and iOS operating systems. League of Legends blends fantasy with other genres such as steampunk to provide a unique gaming experience for players. It is free to play with premium add-ons available for an additional cost.

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Features of League of Legends
  • Multi-player online battle arena game
  • Three challenging maps
  • Blend of strategy and combat
Pros of League of Legends
  • Free to play
  • Exhaustive strategy options
  • Attractive graphics
  • Frequent updates
Cons of League of Legends
  • Takes a very long time to master
  • Some game items are expensive
League of Legends Reviews

Few games have attained the popularity of League of Legends. The free-to-play game is addictive, and it is supported by a community of enthusiastic gamers who enjoy interacting with other players. It features excellent graphics and team battles that require both combat skills and strategy. Players in the game are assigned the role of a summoner who calls a champion into battle. The summoner controls the champion, and as battles are won the experience and proficiency of a player's champion increases. Battles are conducted across various maps. The most common way that the game is played is in teams of five. The teams compete against one another to destroy a nexus, or central command. There are also other modes of the game available which do not require team play. Like many other role playing games, the champions in League of Legends begin very weak and must be advanced to gain better skills. Advancement is obtained through winning battles and gaining experience. There are three primary maps in League of Legends. Each map corresponds to a different mode of the game. These are Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, and Howling Abyss. The average match on League of Legends lasts approximately 30 minutes, with most games ranging between 20 and 60 minutes in length. Players in the game can earn gold by completing various tasks. They can defeat NPC monsters, killing enemy team members, or destroying structures that belong to another team. Gold can then be used to purchase items in the game which make champions more powerful. The primary downside of this fun game is that mastering it can be a long and tedious process. Some players are apt to become frustrated at the slow advancement of their champions. Otherwise, League of Legends provides countless hours of entertainment.

After my self dumping over 5k hours yes 5 thousand 5,000 into the game and becoming top 90% of players and playing with and against pro players can say that the game is overly competitive and very toxic to new and not so good players. Bad players will soon find that with the community almost only focus on winning can be exhausting and mentally draining, with frequent Ints (intentional feeding) AFK's and Flaming will shape your own personality in the community to adhere to that standard will make you hate your time in game while also being strangely addicted to it making League of Legends draining depressing cycle of toxic self torture.

Dependancy , toxic , intentional feed.. Intentional AFK , Combined victory or loose game.. by software combinig.. Keep Out from LoL.. °_°

Most toxic gaming community I ever played in. Only community I ever been banned in for reporting toxic players. They are so backwards in this game, they will literally punish the decent players and let the racist, negative and bad vibe players run wild. I spent over $100 with this game, and they wouldn't even give my refund back. I hate how much time I invest in this crap game.

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