DotA 2

DotA 2

DotA 2 is a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, game that focuses heavily on team play and cooperation. It is based on the massively popular original DotA game. DotA stands for Defense of the Ancients, and the original game revolutionized the genre as a mod for the classical Warcraft 3 game. Taking control of a single hero set within a rich, lore-filled world, players are immediately thrown into a conflict for survival and supremacy. Players must attack the enemy player's base while defending their own, slowly working their way through the other player's defenses until they are able to do serious damage to the deepest part of the enemy base. Intense strategy plays a big part in determining how effectively players control their characters, and players must work with their teammates for a favorable result.

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Features of DotA 2
  • Different kinds of gameplay modes help vary up the experience for players who are tired of playing full or serious games.
  • The broad variety of champions to choose from allows players to get more comfortable around specific roles as they progress through different matches.
  • A broad variety of items are available to help players better match their role, and numerous combinations can lead to more powerful results in the future of the match.
  • The game showcases a very active community, full of players who want to do their best and dedicated developers who always release new events and content.
Pros of DotA 2
  • Featuring a massive roster of champions to pick out and play, users can play the game just about any way they want based on characters suited to their playstyle.
  • The game features a tremendous degree of replayability, as there are countless combinations of allied and enemy characters to play with and against to vary up the experience.
  • Starting a game can be as quick as hopping into the active queue, making it easier for players to just play when they want to find something to do.
  • A competitive ranking system adds an additional degree of challenge to the game for those who feel as though they are ready for more advanced play.
Cons of DotA 2
  • Players may find themselves uncertain of where to start with such a large roster of champions, particularly if they have never played the game before and do not know about different roles.
  • Gameplay can be difficult to grasp for first-time players, as the game can be especially punishing for all types of mistakes throughout the game.
  • Playing in a team-reliant game may make it difficult to succeed if players run into teammates who do not want to cooperate or who are struggling with the game themselves.
DotA 2 Reviews

DotA 2 is one of the most popular games available, especially of its class. These games all work the same, but the variety is in the mechanics and character versatility. Players are encouraged to not only rely on their teammates and themselves, but also their in-depth understanding of the environment and what they can do against their enemy based on those choices. Because of how intensive the gameplay experience may be, it is not a game often recommended to players who do not want to spend extra time learning the ropes. The mechanics can be incredible to deploy at the right times, but they must be practiced for the most effective use in different games.

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