Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena (usually known as a MOBA) game. The MOBA itself is descended from Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games. It styles itself as the "Battleground of the Gods." In it, players control gods, goddesses and other mythological figures in team-based combat and strategy matches. The game remains a popular option for eSport tournaments and has received generally positive reviews from major gaming critics and publications. It is available on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Mac.

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Features of Smite
  • Play as 93 different gods, goddesses and other immortals, with new options continuously being added.
  • Form teams with other players to defeat the enemy team in ten different exciting modes of play.
  • An immersive, third-person perspective play style.
  • Grow your god through the God Rank system and level up your account to unlock new characters, modes of play and other rewards.
Pros of Smite
  • The fun factor: you get to play as gods from mythologies around the world and duke it out for supremacy. Developer Hi-Rez has also done an amazing job of incorporating each character's respective mythologies into their tactical abilities.
  • The third-person perspective allows for creative and different three-dimensional play styles.
  • The third-person perspective makes a tried-and-true concept seem fresh again.
  • It is one of the easier MOBAs for new players to pick up because the game does a good job of easing new players into the mechanics of the game.
Cons of Smite
  • Players who prefer the traditional top-down viewpoint in their MOBA and RTS games may not like playing in the third-person perspective.
  • As with all online gaming communities, some interactions may be toxic.
  • The third-person perspective can decrease map awareness, which can prove challenging in a strategy-based game where it is important to know what is going on at all times.
  • Some gods feel similar and not as unique in their play styles.
  • Smite has less heroes to choose from than comparable games, such as League of Legends.
Smite Reviews

Smite stands out from other games in its genre in a number of ways. The first and most important is that the game is played in a third-person prospective. This is unlike the vast majority of other MOBAs currently available, which take a top-down approach. This makes Smite feel more like an MMO with the strategy of a MOBA/RTS. The third-person perspective makes combat immersive, fun and chaotic. Smite uses deities from pantheons as varied as Celtic and Greek to Mayan and Japanese. Each playable god in the game is assigned a class, of which there are Assassins, Guardians, Hunters, Mages and Warriors. One player is not allowed to choose the same god as another player in the same match. Smite has many different modes of play. Conquest is the basic mode, where two teams of five players face off on maps with three lanes. At the end of each lane is a guarded tower the opposing team is trying to capture. In Arena mode, there are no lanes or towers, and each team is trying to get its opponent's number of tickets to zero. There are other modes too, including Assault, Joust, Siege and Clash, among others. Each mode provides different ways of playing the game, which keeps gameplay fresh. Smite is comparable to other MOBAs currently on the market. Which one a player gets into and likes largely comes down to personal preference.

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