Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is an exciting game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game brings all the heroes of the Blizzard universe together to compete in an epic battle.

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Features of Heroes of the Storm
  • Characters and settings from popular Blizzard games
  • Seven unique battlegrounds
  • Frequent fights among characters
Pros of Heroes of the Storm
  • Robust game engine
  • Realistic battles
  • Battles between legendary Blizzard characters
Cons of Heroes of the Storm
  • Map objectives can be difficult, but skipping is not an option
  • Familiar heroes cost too much money
  • Quick Match mode skirts the entire point of the game
Heroes of the Storm Reviews

Blizzard Entertainment is famous for creating some of the most exciting games for the macOS and Windows operating system. Games like Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft have thrilled gamers for many years. It is only fitting that Blizzard would see fit to combine characters from all of their games into a tribute of sorts. That's exactly what Heroes of the Storm is. It is a tip of the hat to all the games that made Blizzard a legendary development company. The heroes from other Blizzard games can team up and do battle in Heroes of the Storm. In that aspect, the game is reminiscent of games like Injustice: Gods Among Us. The team battles in this game are insane. They require the utmost in timing, dexterity, and cooperation among players. The fights are the backbone of the game. Like other fighting games, a proper storyline takes a backseat to unadulterated action. Map objectives are what drive the battles between various characters. Pursuing these objectives inevitably leads to confrontation. Skipping over the objectives is not feasible. The objectives contribute something to a player's efforts. Ignoring them will ultimately place the player in a position of weakness. When objectives are cast aside, enemy players gain a tremendous advantage. Some players will not like that teammates in the game all level up at the same time. This is obviously done to encourage cooperation among players. It can be demoralizing, however, to the lone wolf who likes to stand on their own merits. There are seven different battlegrounds to choose from when one begins the game. A negative is that purchasing heroes can become expensive. It will cost from $4-$10 for players to obtain a cool character they remember from other Blizzard games. Some free characters are provided on a rotating basis. The problem is that players will not have enough time to master the characters' abilities before they become unavailable. Purchasing characters is practically a requirement. The Quick Match mode of the game provides a momentary diversion, but it will not satisfy the hardcore gamer who wants to dominate with a character from Warcraft or Diablo. All in all, however, Heroes of the Storm is a fun journey through some familiar pop culture territory.

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