Plotagon is a piece of 3D development software that makes it easy for just about anyone to create their own artistic video using 3D animation. Plotagon is compatible with a wide range of systems, and it can produce content that can be played through just about any system as well.

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Features of Plotagon
  • Animated Video Production
  • D Movie Generation
Pros of Plotagon
  • Exceptionally Easy Animation
  • Various Scenes and Characters
Cons of Plotagon
  • Occasional Talk-To-Speech Mistranslations
Plotagon Reviews

When you first download and install the software, you'll be prompted to open the software right away. Once the software is launched, you'll see the initial app window with the Plotagon logo displayed in the middle. The logo is then replaced with a screen that welcomes you to the system and asks you to either sign in with existing credentials or make a new account. You won't be able to use the software to its fullest extent if you don't sign up for a free account. It is also possible to sign in with a Facebook account. When you first start developing a scene with Plotagon, you'll be able to create individual scenes with up to two characters. Of course, as the story evolves, you can change the scenery and the characters in those scenes. A library of additional content is available, and much of it is entirely free. However, you can also choose to buy some of the more premium additional content. To create a scene, click the 'New Movie' button. The software will produce a new window with no title, and it will use the thumbnail view by default. You can instantly add the name for your scene or wait until you've finished creating it. To create the scene, various tabs are used to provide different utilities, like those related to movement, music, dialog, scenery, sound, and more. Start by selecting a scene for your movie, then choose characters from your available pool. Set the initial location of those characters, then add dialog through the dedicated tab. You can make different characters say different things by selecting them and typing dialog for them to repeat. You can also set the mood of each character from a long list of options including proud, neutral, sad, arrogant, happy, angry, afraid, or surprised. You'll have to click on the button to add dialog each time you want to add a new separate line. The last step in the development of your movie is to define any movements that your characters will make. You can also add sound effects if they might make the scene better. Once the final options have been set and the video is finished, you can test it by hitting the Play button. If the video meets your expectations, you can instantly share the video with any member of the Plotagon network. Videos are tagged with unique URLs, which makes it much easier to share what you've developed. All in all, Plotagon is one of the most interesting and fun-to-use 3D animation software suites available today. It does have limits, but those limits are a result of the simplicity of the software.

Really, really nice! More than hundreds of scenes and clothing to choose from, then there's good animation movements and the effects and music are nice, I really recommend this for storytelling or education. :)

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