Hype Machine

Hype Machine

Hype Machine lets music fans discover artists. Its technology scrapes audio files from diverse music blogs and posts them to the website. Users can peruse the site or sign up for Hype Machine's newsletter for updates.

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Functions of Hype Machine
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Features of Hype Machine
  • Music discovery
  • New songs
  • Classic songs
  • Forgotten songs
  • Music files posted by automated blog scrapers
  • Scrapers that draw from more than 100 blogs
  • Embedded media player
  • Sign in with Facebook, Soundcloud or Twitter
Pros of Hype Machine
  • Hype Machine gives music enthusiasts access to new music and songs from the past that deserve an audience.
  • All of the site's content can be accessed for free.
  • With more than a decade behind it, Hype Machine offers visitors a substantial library of songs to try.
Cons of Hype Machine
  • The site looks like a blog from 2012.
  • Some of Hype Machine's homepage content is outdated.
  • As it is supported by crowdfunding and online ads, this could soon become a defunct site.
Hype Machine Reviews

Founded in Brooklyn in 2005, Hype Machine looks dated. In fact, it features a navigation bar with Support Us link. The site only seeks money through that link and web ads, so users can easily discover new songs for free. Most likely, the average Hype Machine user never spends a cent with the brand. Hype Machine's homepage includes content that has not been updated in years. At this writing, it contains a concert listing from 2016. Still, despite its worn appearance, Hype Machine offers value to music lovers. While pop enthusiasts might be disappointed in the tunes Hype Machine posts, fans of indie, hip hop, EDM, classic country and other genres can find and rediscover favorites by browsing the site. Also, its search tool runs efficiently, and its easily seen tags quickly connect users to its expansive audio content. For those who fall in love with the site's music-discovery spirit, Hype Machine also offers apps for iPhone and Android. Overall, Hype Machine warrants music fans' interest.

Hypem is awesome because it collects data from hundreds of music blogs and creates charts out of the tracks. The top tracks end up being really awesome, and you get a good "best of the music blog world" experience on Hypem. That's why I (and lots of others) use it to find new awesome music that we literally wouldn't be able to find otherwise unless we crawled through hundreds of blogs ourselves to find the gems - which nobody has time to do.

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