WHAT IS HYPE? Hype is a tool by Tumult for Mac that web developing artists can use to generate a browser friendly form of animated artwork. It uses a format similar to Adobe Flash. This means that all properly equipped browsers should be able to display the artwork and animations as they were intended to be seen by the creator. Such an app allows creative designers with no prior knowledge of web programming to create high quality web animations. This is important because some designers might have extensive experience with graphic design interfaces but very little (to none) with graphics programming. HOW DOES HYPE STAND UP? As with most Mac based graphic design programs, Hype offers plenty. Intermediate users will have spent a respectable amount of time mastering the interface however not too much time. The quality of the creations is also outstanding. The one fault that most critics agree on is the use of CSS 3 and HTML 5 programming language in lue of the Adobe Acrobat standard. This problem hindered the app a lot more prior to the support of the two aforementioned languages becoming much more popular among modern browsers. The technology is still not as common as the Flash standard, and the lack of a Flash standard in this app has to do with Apple not wanting to support the standard. The developer (Tumult) can’t be held accountable for this one flaw. Again, if you have your browser up to date for CSS3 and HTML 5, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. The landscape (ESPECIALLY outside of Apple land,) is heavily Acrobat based though! Adobe still dominates.

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Features of Hype
  • Belies the lack of an Adobe Acrobat standard through Apple’s consistent efforts to support CSS3 and HTML 5 in its place.
  • CSS3 works much better for SEO applications (Google and other engines tend to not see Flash.
  • The app is actually quite a bit more affordable than some other packages offered.
  • A few versions are available (i.
  • Hype 3 and Hype Pro,) for end users with varying needs and/or requirements.
  • A top of the line discussion board and support center for the user to access.
  • The discussion board will actually solve many problems that would have likely otherwise required support center intervention.
  • A full fledged suite that is downloaded from the app store whether than purchased from a retail one.
Pros of Hype
  • Intuitive to learn app with rich, practical features that artists will appreciate.
  • The opportunity to get one's hands wet with code writing if one so desires.
  • The best possible optimization of the CSS3 and HTML 5 standard.
  • An Apple app (we all know they work the best for animating applications.)
Cons of Hype
  • CSS3 and HTML support might be top par, but a lack of Adobe Acrobat support is still a hinder when considering the entire scope of this market landscape. It’s still an Adobe world in general.
  • Some of the code spit out is not the most desirable to work with in certain applications (i.e. entire site’s code must be exported to edit certain elements.)
  • Some of the Java scripting is not the best.
  • An Apple app (not a pro if you don’t use Apple.)
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