TextNow is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides a free phone service to users by using other cellular networks coverage. Due to the fact the website and mobile app are littered with ads, the providers of the wireless service are able to keep it free for all users using the app over WiFi.

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Functions of TextNow
Social Networking Twitter Integration
Features of TextNow
  • Add free credit by completing surveys, watching ads, etc.
  • Unlimited 2G Data
  • Message U.
  • S and Canadian Numbers Free
Pros of TextNow
  • Prepaid Service
  • Due to the fact that TextNow is a prepaid service, you aren't locked into a contract of any kind. If you decide the plan you picked out last month just isn't working for you, you can change it easily with no consequences.
  • First Month Deals
  • For users for opting for a 3 GB or higher plan, TextNow will slash the cost of their first bill. For example, the 3GB plan usually costs $27.99, however, the price drops to $19.99 during your first month of service. You can further the with the 4GB plan which is normally $39.99, but it drops to $19.99 and the 6GB plan that is regularly $59.99 is temporarily available at $29.99.
  • Free Service Option
  • TextNow does offer a completely free service to those who use the website or app over Wifi. This plan is able to be supported by companies advertising through TextNow's software.
Cons of TextNow
  • Expensive Data
  • With plans starting at 100MB for $13.99 a month, data-hungry users are definitely at a disadvantage here. Users are, however, allowed unlimited data at a 2G speed.
  • Ads for Free Users
  • Some users have voiced their frustration about the ads that are scattered around the app but with free service, how could you really complain?
TextNow Reviews

Text now is a simple way for people to cut back on their monthly phone bill charges. With pricing plans starting at 13.99 and a free option available for users to call and text U.S and Candian numbers. Both the website and app are free to sign up for and they are easy to use, making the app a perfect messaging alternative for anyone.

It is a great app.... pros - allow individual to select a phone number...can change the number every 15 days cons - ads everywhere :)

I have used this service for 2 years with a few hiccups but every time I think about changing a new update comes out and fixes everything. It's free, and almost complaint free. Text and voice are clear and load. At 70 years old this app is easy to use. Try it. I think you'll like it.

Constantly crashing on Note 8.

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