Bitstrips is fun and engaging app that lets you create your own comic strips right from your mobile device. It's essentially a social network that allows its users to share self-made comics as opposed to photos, memes, videos, or other posts.

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Features of Bitstrips
  • Comic Strip Creation
Pros of Bitstrips
  • Hours of Fun
  • Explore Creativity
Cons of Bitstrips
  • Requires Time Commitment
  • Requires Facebook Sync
Bitstrips Reviews

When you first start using Bitstrips, you might actually be a bit annoyed at the app. Initially, it asks if you want to sign up with an email address or by syncing with your Facebook account, and while many would assume that means you can use an email without syncing with Facebook, that isn't the case. If you sign up with an email, the app still makes you sync with Facebook. This can be frustrating, but it makes it much easier later on in the app when you are trying to connect with others. Once you finally get into the actual Bitstrip system, you'll notice that it takes quite a bit of time to set up properly. You'll need to set aside some time when you first use the app to create an avatar. This avatar creation system is quite thorough, so it will ask you all sorts of things about your avatar so it looks as much like you as possible. If you are patient enough to deal with the extensive process, the results will be well worth the time spent in the creation process. After these basic introductory steps are completed, you won't have to do them again, and that is when you can really start enjoying the software. You can select a background for your comic from several options, and each has a different theme that matches a different mood. You can also add other characters to the strip, as well as speech bubbles so they can interact. There are many other things you can do in the app to customize your strip, and you can even add real photos so you can curate a Photo Comic. Once you start getting into the creation of comics, you could easily lose yourself to the fun. You might even spend a whole day making your own complete comic series. The app is so fun to use once you get it set up, and you can also use the app with another called Bitmoji that will transform all the characters you have created in Bitstrips into emojis that can be used anywhere your current emojis can be used. The pair of apps is one of the best ways to make your own custom emoji sets. It's hard not to fall in love with Bitstrips after you've given it a real chance. Some people might be discouraged by the initial frustrations when setting up the app, but once those are behind you, you'll be able to enjoy the full entertainment value of the app.

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