Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes has been around for over two decades, and was originally designed as a way for people to overcome the lure and accessibility of pornography on the Internet. Individuals, couples, and families alike can create an account in an effort to encourage everyone in the party to stay away from sites that are deemed harmful to relationships. Reports are generated and sent to trust friends each month, and a healthy dialogue is encouraged to discuss how the Internet can impact lives.

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Features of Covenant Eyes
  • Monitor Internet Browsing Activity - All activity online is monitored and displayed securely by Covenant Eyes.
  • Be More Accountable In Your Relationships - The program reports that relationships are strengthened by the accountability that develops between partners.
  • Weekly Report Generation - A weekly report is generated and sent to all accountability partners for discussion and review.
Pros of Covenant Eyes
  • Overcome Porn Addiction - The program is meant to help users avoid pornography on the Internet by making their online actions known to those closest to them.
  • Works On All Devices - Almost every device commonly used today can support Covenant Eyes, right down to the Kindle Fire.
  • Opens Up Conversations - The program advocates open conversation amongst everyone using it.
  • Easy To Read Reports Generated Weekly - The reports that are generated weekly are coded and easy to understand. These reports will help everyone involved better gauge their own Internet browsing activity.
Cons of Covenant Eyes
  • Easy To Turn Off Without Alerting Partners on iOS Devices - While the program has evolved into being able to send a notice to accountability partners when it is uninstalled, this feature does not work on iOS devices. As such, it is easy to turn it off and back on again without anyone knowing.
  • Security Concerns - Users have reported concerns that their reports could be hacked by unauthorized parties, raising privacy doubts. While the program ensures safety, this does not stop the concern from being present.
  • Pricing Prohibitive To Many - The program has a monthly fee that is a bit steep. This may keep people from using it for a length of time as it is intended.
Covenant Eyes Reviews

Convenient Eyes has evolved through the years to encompass a modern and easy to use design. It is relatively easy for new users to create an account. Whereas the early versions of the program were largely limited to desktop computers, todays version can be easily downloaded onto most types of mobile devices. This includes smart phones, tablets, and watches. Once an account is created, and the program is set to being active, all browsing activity is recorded internally. Users will be sent a weekly report detailing which sites they have visited, with a breakdown of the types of sites being listed as well. If a user so chooses, this same report can be sent to another individual or group of people. The program advocates sending the report to a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Alternatively, many singles will send the report to an accountability partner in an effort to keep their minds pure while surfing the Internet. Beyond the report that is generated, no other action is taken of course. The reports are secure and confidential. If a user does not want anyone else to see it, that is the end of the story.

It’s okay. Price is high but we had used it in the past anyway. However it is easy for those with the accountability issue to find back doors for downloading stuff I did not know about. Example, CE will alert you of the user tries to download on their phone. But it does not alert you if they have amazon download onto their phone. It was easy for him to find a back door for deleting the app and reinstalling it. I would get alerts that it was reinstalled but never any that it had been deleted. Also...keep up with your financial side of it. We had orders the service 6 months ago but never installed it used it because of pending divorce. When I called to get a refund (and they knew it had not been installed for the last 6 months because I got emails stating device not installed) they refused and wouldn’t even give me this month (one month) refund because it was a week into the new bill. Gzzzz really?? They got my money for 6 months and they couldn’t even give me one month back. Makes you wonder about the accountability and morals of Covenant Eyes. Besides their service never worked right anyway so I will make sure that others look elsewhere for this type of service.

I really appreciate what covenant eyes is attempting to do but, it did not work for us. It made the computer run slow and did not send an alert once the entire 6 months that we had it. I called to cancel it & the customer service representative kept me on the phone, asking me personal questions about why I wanted to cancel and trying to convince me not to, after I told her that we had another protective mechanism in effect. She then said ‘well when you decide to protect your family again, you can re-download it at any time.’ I found her attempt to act as if she knew what was better for our family more than we do very rude, considering she knows nothing about us or our situation.

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