With the world constantly at war with itself, and with barriers being put into place between people, it sometimes seems as though there is nothing that can unify the human species. is an effort to do just that. They believe that sharing and listening to music together is a method that can bring people all over the world together. They boast a dashboard filled with music from around the world shared by people and listened to by people. With the ability to host music for others to listen to, you're rewarded based on how many people listen to your playlist, allowing you to unlock cool features within the site. Using an avatar, you can join a community listening to a specific genre of music, or a certain playlist and connect with them over the power of music.

Features of
  • Features
  • Global Communication: Talk with music lovers around the entire world as you listen.
  • Musical Introduction: The chance of being turned on to new music that you may not have considered before.
Pros of
  • Free Account
  • Emphasis on Discussion of Music
  • Global Community of Music Lovers
  • Fun Use of Avatars
Cons of
  • Difficult Navigation
  • May Not Hear the Songs You Want to Hear
  • Subscription Required for Some of the Reviews

Initially, the site is a bit difficult to use. It took some time to figure out exactly where to listen to the music, as the landing page made it seem as though it was an advertisement to work for In order to access the music, an account must be made. Luckily, accounts are free, although there is an option to pay. This unlocks a few more features not usually given to the free account. For those looking for a quick and spontaneous selection of music to listen to throughout your day, then this site provides just that. For music lovers, being able to talk about the music being played is a nice bonus as well, and since's goal is to bring people together through music, the chat is a necessary feature to take part in. Although the site is a little messy when you get to your dashboard, once you get your toes wet, you're able to click through and find the music to which you wish to listen. The use of avatars dancing in a little party as the music is being played is cute and fun, and the ability to give quick kudos or boos to the music selection can keep the playlist on track. The music itself is usually music videos found on Youtube, which allows for some visual entertainment as well if one wishes to stay on the page rather than just play the music in the background. With the site allowing for people to pick the next song, it keeps the playlist fresh and the conversation alive as people are introduced to songs that they may not have known before. Video

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