HBO Go is a mobile app created by HBO that allws you to stream television series and movies. HBO Go gives you access to movies and television that is owned by HBO. Uou can use the app to stream premieres as they are happening live, so you willnever have to worry about missing the first showing of a program on their network. HBO Go is constantly updated so that you will have access to the newest and most popular titles that HBO has access to. HBO Go has access to all of the most popular titles on HBO like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies.

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Features of HBO Go
  • HBO Go allows you to stream television of movies from your computer or entertainment system as long as you have a good internet connection.
  • HBO Go gives you access to titles that HBO owns, including some exclusives.
  • Some of these titles are incredibly popular and well received, like the hit television show Game of Thrones.
  • HBO Go allows you to livestream premiers of TV shows that are happening on HBO.
  • This means that you will never miss the first showing of any of you anticipated releases on HBO.
Pros of HBO Go
  • HBO Go allows you to stream television and movies at any time from anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet. This gives you greater freedom than standard television.
  • HBO Go has access to HBO exclusives like Game of Thrones. Some of these shows are very popular and critically acclaimed, so you are sure to enjoy some of them
  • HBO Go has a large catalogue of entertainment that would take a long time to completely exhaust.
Cons of HBO Go
  • There are a lot of programs that are not available on HBO Go. HBO Go is really only special for offering access to titles that HBO already owns. There are many titles that do not fall under this umbrella.
  • HBO Go, like any streaming site, will not perform well if you do not have a strong connection to the internet at all times. For the best experience, make sure you have a good connection.
  • HBO Go is one of many streaming sites, and only differs from most of its competition in the titles that it offers you.
HBO Go Reviews

HBO Go is one of the better streaming sites available online. As an alternative to television, HBO Go is one of the better options. Television is inconvenient for a lot of reasons. Without a DVR, you cannot watch television whenever you want. Streaming services offer you greater freedom in when you get to watch your favorite programs. There are streaming services that have greater catalogues than HBO Go, but they will not have access to the same titles and will likely not have access to many or any titles owned by HBO. If you can afford to get HBO Go along with at least one other streaming service, that is probably the best route to go if your want a large collection of entertainment at your disposal. Some of the series on HBO Go are incredibly well written and are loved by fans, so if you like the programs HBO has in stock, you will likely enjoy using HBO Go.

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