Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Description: Fruit Ninja is a family-friendly mobile app by Halfbrick that provides great entertainment. Various fruits, from bananas and apples to watermelon and oranges, fly up onto the screen, and the player must use their finger to slice the fruit before it falls back to the bottom of the screen. If a piece of fruit is missed, a strike is issued, and there are three strikes until that round is over. The frequency of fruit increases as the game goes on. The real challenge comes when bombs fly up amidst the fruit, and the player has to swipe the fruit while avoiding the bombs. If a bomb is hit, the round is immediately over. The game is fairly simple, but achievements are tracked and can unlock new features, providing different backgrounds and blades to enhance your game. With the fruit slashing comes the great sound effects that amplify the slashing and splashing of fruit and the fizzing bomb. For double the fun, play in multi-player mode to see how you stack up against friends and family. Fruit Ninja also offers a Zen mode, where the bombs are nonexistent, but the player must slice as many fruits as possible in a certain time period. A newer mode, Arcade, has been made available, adding a new dynamic to the game with unique fruits that offer new abilities as you slice them.

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Functions of Fruit Ninja
High Level
Features of Fruit Ninja
  • Three game modes and a multi-player option
  • In-app purchases available to access an array of blades, backgrounds, and more
  • Open Feint leaderboard access of top scores amongst friends and other players
  • Compatibility with iPhone, Android, and various tablets
Pros of Fruit Ninja
  • User-friendly interface that is simple to navigate and play
  • Crisp graphics that make the game visually intriguing
  • Three different playing modes for fun variations
  • Many achievements to unlock for access to new game features
  • Great entertainment for a wide range of ages
  • An interactive leaderboard platform to post and compare scores with other players online
Cons of Fruit Ninja
  • Must start at the beginning of the game every round, no matter how high your previous scores
  • Full versions of the game aren't offered for free
  • A somewhat repetitive game
  • Recent updates have resulted in lag on some devices
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